When Sandra Cooper started her own court reporting firm back in 2007, she had several things in common as other entrepreneurial-type business owners. One of which was to take charge of her career and future. Another was to use the latest technology to her and her clients’ advantage, while providing unrivaled personal service. Sandra established a legal services firm that was progressive; one that improved upon traditional processes, as well as delivered a personal touch.

Sandra took the kind of prompt, accurate and professional service she’d built her reputation on as a court reporter and applied it across the board. Her goal was to hire the best court reporters, so that clients would know that the quality of service they would receive was exceptional – no matter which court reporter arrived at their deposition. By merging consistency and progression with quality, Sandra had the cornerstones of her court reporting and videography firm, The Cooper Group.

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How does The Cooper Group meet the highest court reporting and videography service expectations across Kansas City and the country? The answer is simple. Sandra stays focused on those original cornerstones, and adds technology when it makes sense. She has simultaneously built a team of like-minded reporters who embrace new technology but hold on to traditional work values, a sense of professionalism and ethics.

The Cooper Group’s court reporters understand the gravity of their work and go above and beyond the status quo to meet their legal clients needs, regardless of the case size or complexity. Each reporter recognizes the affect a can-do, pleasant attitude has on deposition participants and attorneys, especially when sessions go long and tasks are grueling. Court reporting requires the ultimate combination of precision work and a positive nature. Nobody does it better than the professionals that make up The Cooper Group.

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