The actual numbers vary by region and study, but together they provide an overall glimpse of the court reporting field. Estimates state that 6,500 of 18,000 court reporters will retire over the next three years. In 2014, it was expected that 70 percent of current court reporters were planning to retire in the coming five to 10 years.

A couple of factors have led to such a dramatic retirement rate, a key one being an aging workforce. Well over half of court reporters are over the age of 50 and younger workers are not entering the field at a high enough number to replace those retiring. For example, 123 reporters graduated from court reporting school last year, and only nine reporters passed the state certification test. Compare that to the 4,200 attorneys who passed the bar.

With the court reporting industry facing such a huge deficit of upcoming stenographers, you may already be aware of the problem. Especially in certain parts of the country where the deficit is more pronounced and it’s difficult to schedule a court reporter.

Many court reporters, by nature or occupational hazard, strive for perfection and work by details. Coupled with the court reporter shortage, it’s created strain on already strained professionals in the legal field. In response, court reporting agencies are making changes to help them better meet demand for their services while enhancing the tools and technology that support their work.

The Cooper Group is among those changing and has joined Veritext Legal Solutions, the national leader in court reporting. For 13 incredible years, The Cooper Group has been synonymous with innovation, uncompromising client service and team work. Continuing and strengthening that legacy are why partnering with Veritext became such an easy decision.

Under the Veritext umbrella, The Cooper Group, staff and its clients gain benefits difficult, if not impossible, to enjoy otherwise. Most importantly, clients benefit from better technologies, such as instant scheduling features, exhibit capture tools and a powerful new online repository, as well as HIPAA and PII compliant data security coverage that is unmatched in the industry. And thanks to Veritext’s national scale, clients have expanded access to more than 136 brick and mortar locations equipped with state-of-the-art deposition suites throughout North America.

As much as things change, some things stay the same. The Cooper Group staff, court reporters and videographers, who clients have come to love doing business with, are staying on to provide the same stellar service. The Cooper Group retains its name, with the tagline, a Veritext Corporation and the pricing structure remains as it was prior to the merger. Finally, former owner, Sandra Cooper Kaderly continues to manage the Kansas City office, along with returning to court reporting in the field.

The Cooper Group and Veritext are a great fit, considering the state of the court reporting field and shared commitment to leading technologies, quality court reporting, impeccable service and supporting local legal communities. Please reach out to The Cooper Group or Sandra with any questions.




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