written by The Cooper Group June 1, 2021
Veritext Legal Solutions released its “Remote Proceedings in a Post-Pandemic World” survey, giving us a look at how the COVID-19 pandemic may have long-lasting effects on the legal process. Earlier this year, nearly 200 attorneys representing different practice areas across the country gave insight into how they participated in depositions or other legal proceedings pre-pandemic, […]
written by The Cooper Group May 13, 2021
Survey shows remote depositions are here to stay even as restrictions start to ease Veritext Legal Solutions, the leader in deposition and litigation support solutions, today announces the company has released results for its “Remote Proceedings in a Post-Pandemic World” survey that reveals the COVID-19 pandemic may have brought lasting change to the legal process. […]
written by The Cooper Group April 15, 2021
You have exhibits to schedule and coordinate, plus transcripts from those deposed in Tacoma to Timbuktu, not to mention the million other tasks on your plate. Now, add the stress of a changed work environment. It can feel like everyone is depending on you. After all, no one understands litigation behind-the-scenes, and all of the […]
written by The Cooper Group January 19, 2021
When your court reporting agency doesn’t offer all the services you require, you’re left to either supplement gaps with another firm, which can get complicated, or fill in the gaps internally, which increases workload on your end. The bottom line is that without a court reporting agency that provides comprehensive services, you’re forced to work […]
written by The Cooper Group August 31, 2020
Please update our address in your Rolodex to: Regus Plaza Location 435 Nichols Rd., Ste 200 Kansas City, MO 64112 ________________________________________ A Rolodex. Can you imagine? Pulling out our card, using white out to cover our old address and writing in our new one. Thank goodness times have changed and now all you have to […]
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