The Cooper Group Careers

You can work from home – but why would you want to?
Court reporters and litigation videographers are in high demand. And there’s no better place to find a rewarding career in court reporting than at The Cooper Group.

Whether you are currently a certified court reporter, trained videographer or just considering a career change, we can help you find your way to a more satisfying job and nourishing work environment.

Prepare to Be Wowed
Court reporting is a fascinating field. No, it’s not like TV law shows but it can be fun and stimulating. This is no average job. Court reporters and litigation videographers are respected for their skills and rewarded for their contribution to the legal process.

Best of all, you become part of the Cooper Group team, recognized for our professionalism and service throughout the legal community. Many of the most prestigious law firms in the region depend on us to deliver premier court reporting and legal video services.

Work from Home, And Other Benefits
If flexibility is important to you, then court reporting is the perfect job. When you work with Cooper Group, you have the opportunity to work from home but you can also work from any of our office centers around the city.

A team of highly professional reporters, we have our share of fun too. Entrepreneurial, friendly, passionate, driven, respectful and downright fun. That’s how people describe working for The Cooper Group. Here’s just some of what you can expect.

  • Competitive pay
  • Flexible work schedules
  • Professional growth
  • Training and support