Please update our address in your Rolodex to:

Regus Plaza Location
435 Nichols Rd., Ste 200
Kansas City, MO 64112


A Rolodex. Can you imagine? Pulling out our card, using white out to cover our old address and writing in our new one. Thank goodness times have changed and now all you have to do is open your Contacts and delete, copy, paste—done.

Change is good, especially when it brings improvements and makes work easier. That’s why we moved to a new office on The Plaza.

Improvements you’ll notice:

Conference Room

• Larger conference rooms to accommodate extra space and more people for depositions

• A nicer layout of space and a more attractive waiting area

A work environment you’ll appreciate:
• “Think pod” stations providing a private, isolated workspace

Still convenient locations aplenty:
• Centrally located from anywhere in the Kansas City metro
• Co-working offices on the Missouri side (Crown Center, Downtown KC, Briarcliff and Zona Rosa) and the Kansas side (Corporate Woods, Leawood)


Times they have, and are, a changin’

Within the past few years, The Cooper Group has moved from Downtown to out south to now, The Plaza. We’ve merged with Veritext. We’ve grown our team of court reporters, videographers and support staff. We’ve added new technology to make work as easy as possible for you and your parties. Each and every change is a sign of the technology-driven times and those to come. More importantly, each one reflects our commitment to remain a service-driven firm.

Have a deposition coming up? We’ll see you on The Plaza, at one of our other locations or on Zoom.


The Cooper Group Court Reporting & Videography