Court Reporting

Real-Time, Certified Court Reporters with Real-Life Experience

Our phone rang on a late Sunday night. An attorney requested a court reporter for a deposition in the Ozark area the following morning. A court reporter arrived early and was set up with time to spare before the deposition began.

While those events don’t seem all that extraordinary, they are. At The Cooper Group, service always comes first. That means picking up the phone beyond office hours and weekends, even late on Sunday nights. It means having a professional, certified court reporter ready to go on any case or deposition within hours, even if the location is hours away.

That’s why The Cooper Group is the one and only call to make when you need court reporting services, anytime and anywhere.

Comprehensive Services

From preliminary deposition to arbitration. From medical or highly technical to emotionally charged. All you want to know is that nothing can keep The Cooper Group from delivering the services and backend support you need. With our court reporting, you’re assured of:

  • Real-time court reporters, certified with decades of experience
  • Complimentary notice preparation
  • Condensed transcripts with keyword indexing on every deposition we take
  • Rough ASCII and expedited services
  • Complimentary deposition suites for your convenience
  • Convenient 24/7 online deposition scheduling
  • Online document repository
  • Nationwide availability
  • Complete videography services
  • Wireless Real Time Translation
  • Remote Deposition Streaming

You deal with enough surprises; your court reporter shouldn’t be one of them

Prompt. Accurate. Professional. Three attributes you can always expect from The Cooper Group’s court reporters. No matter where your court cases or depositions lead you across the state or country, The Cooper Group is right by your side. Our team of court reporters takes on cases of any size and time frame, including high-profile and multicopy cases.

Though your cases can be time extensive, you’ll never be left waiting for depositions. We understand the urgency and need to have them “yesterday” and we deliver, usually sooner than you’ve come to expect from other court reporters. This isn’t because it’s our job. It’s because we take our work personally, knowing the gravity of what we do.

With The Cooper Group, there are no surprises. We’ll be there promptly, and to us, that means early. We’ll flawlessly handle the reporting with the degree of professionalism for which we’re known. Expect nothing but quality and our willingness to go above and beyond the regular call of duty – each and every time.

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The Cooper Group provides the highest quality reporting services with unmatched professionalism, promptness, and attention to detail. Time and again, their reporters have met challenges presented by short notice, long-distance travel, and complex multi-witness cases. I have relied on them for over a decade, and won't settle for anyone else.

Jarrett Johnson, Attorney
The Jarrett Johnson Law Firm