Court reporting services have become technology-driven to keep pace with the technology attorneys and courtrooms use today. With so much of the work done virtually, it could be easy to look at court reporting services as a commodity. It could be easy to believe that if a court reporter can use a computer then he or she is professional enough to handle the job. However, technology is not a replacement for professionalism. Nor is competence enough to take the place of personal experience that promotes the best outcomes for attorneys and their clients.

Defining professional versus competent may seem like splitting hairs. If so, think of it this way… You or someone you love suffers a medical crisis. You’re in the hospital and have the choice of two doctors. One is certified and licensed in the specialty you need. One is a general practitioner who knows the basics of handling a case such as yours and of course, can aptly use the typical medical equipment required. Which one would you choose? Professional and licensed in a specialty? Or generally competent?

Like anyone who works in a specialized field, professional, experienced court reporters are dedicated to court reporting to the highest standards, whereas a competent transcriptionist merely performs the job on a basic skill level. If a competent transcriber was a student, he or she would be a C student.

Transcribing isn’t court reporting. Court reporters are state and/or nationally certified and The Cooper Group’s court reporters’ business cards have several key certification acronyms following their names, such as RPR, CCR, CSR, RPR, CRR, RMR, RDR and CLR. Those certifications matter to attorneys and to their clients. Experience and credentials matter when:

  • You want promptness, accuracy and quick work
  • You won’t settle for “inaudible” or “undiscernible” when referencing transcripts
  • Technology in court reporting, videography or electronic document services is essential but cannot replace catching and recording human emotion and context
  • A smile can go a long way in making parties more comfortable

There’s more to court reporting than transcribing. Court reporting requires the ultimate combination of precise work and an attentive positive attitude. Nobody does it better than the professional court reporters you’ll find at The Cooper Group who use state-of-the-art technology and bring traditional work ethics and the highest degree of professionalism to any courtroom and deposition, regardless of case size, complexity or how quickly you need a court reporter.

The Cooper Group’s court reporters have exceeded expectations in cases of short notice, long-distance travel and complex, multi-witness cases. Our convenient location and access to multiple conference rooms around the Kansas City metro means we are always available to travel local or nationwide to meet your court reporting and videography needs. Plus, our court reporting services can be scheduled so that a court reporter can be on site within hours.

Hire professional over competent court reporting services every time because the outcome of every case matters.

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