The cost to hold a deposition can and does vary based on the court reporting services you require and request. At The Cooper Group, those services might include videography, Zoom, on-site, standard- or technical-focused court reporting and more. Like all service-based transactions, the more services the higher the cost.

Freelance court reporters are paid per page. Their fee is based on the hiring attorney’s deposition’s length. The hiring attorney receives the original transcript along with a copy. The attorney representing the other side orders his/her own copy and pays the fee associated with completing that request. In the Kansas City area, court reporters charge comparable fees for depositions. Where fees fluctuate is in terms of what they charge for copies.

All Kansas City court reporting firms charge a customary appearance fee, which generally falls within $5 to $10 of each other, to cover costs related to traveling to a deposition or hearing, a last minute cancellation or making a small record, etcetera. Some firms have instituted an hourly rate as an alternative to their standard half-day and full-day attendance rates.

Court reporting services need additional time and operational costs factored into their fees. These include, but are not limited to:

  • Creating and sharing an e-transcript or PDF bundle, hyperlinking exhibits
  • The software purchase or licensing that makes formatting, hyperlinks and more possible
  • Purchasing audio/visual/computer equipment necessary for Skype depositions and videography
  • Software codes required to conduct real-time depositions
  • Court reporter’s experience to handle all level of cases similar to the work performed by an associate, similar to a partner
  • Shipping and delivery costs
  • Signature fees

Typically, court reporting firms build in the associated time and operational costs into their pricing structures. The firms’ vendor choice affects their costs, in turn affecting their fee schedule.

A cheaper court reporting firm isn’t such a cost-saving measure when they leave attorneys scrambling for specific deposition services. Choose a firm that offers the services you and your clients require at a fair price. A reputable firm will provide an open and honest fee structure upfront – quickly, not within days.

Attorneys deal with enough surprises. Deposition fees from their court reporter shouldn’t be one of them. Contact us today to schedule your deposition!

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