Veritext Legal Solutions released its “Remote Proceedings in a Post-Pandemic World” survey, giving us a look at how the COVID-19 pandemic may have long-lasting effects on the legal process. Earlier this year, nearly 200 attorneys representing different practice areas across the country gave insight into how they participated in depositions or other legal proceedings pre-pandemic, throughout the pandemic and their post-pandemic expectations.

While The Cooper Group has offered remote deposition court reporting services and videography years before before the pandemic struck, 87% of attorneys who took part in the survey never or rarely participated in remote depositions pre-pandemic. Now having been relying heavily on remote proceedings for over a year, 89% of respondents expect one party to be remote occasionally or more often.

To reflect the degree to which the pandemic has changed the legal field and its acceptance of remote depositions, 83% of attorneys plan to continue with remote depositions occasionally or more often as restrictions ease and we see light at the pandemic tunnel. An interesting point to make here is that 46% of the attorneys surveyed have been practicing law for more than 30 years, meaning they are not digital natives.

The survey’s results indicate that the widespread acceptance of deposing witnesses and taking legal proceedings remotely is an opportunity. Of the respondents, 34% anticipate taking proceedings that they may not otherwise have taken pre-pandemic.

Also, clients are noting the cost-saving benefits of remote legal proceedings. One attorney surveyed added, “I think more depositions and hearings will be online. I think clients will want less travel and more remote work to help hold down costs.”

The caveat to remote depositions being here to stay in the post-pandemic legal field is data security. Fifty-seven percent of respondents stated they are now more aware of and sensitive to the data security provided by third-party vendors. Over a third of them reported that they have always been extremely aware of data security and would rule out any vendor that does not meet the strictest data security protocols.

The full survey is available for download.

The Cooper Group, a Veritext company, has a proven history of being a tech-forward court reporting agency. We added video and remote technology when it made sense for our clients years ago, which kept us from having to scramble to implement it when the world was forced into remote business practices.

However, technology cannot substitute for experienced court reporters. The Cooper Group embraces new technology, yet holds on to traditional work values, a sense of professionalism and ethics. Though we are based in Kansas City, we work with clients wherever they need us across the U.S., offering state-of-the-art conference rooms, highly skilled reporters and videographers, advanced technology, remote services, unparalleled client service, and on-time delivery. And, finally of course, unmatched security (including HIPAA and PII compliance) for ultimate confidence that data is safe.

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