Attorneys can attest to the advantages of using a professional, timely and painstakingly accurate court reporting service in winning cases. In recent years, court reporting firms, like The Cooper Group, have introduced legal videography as a powerful means to capture and preserve witness testimony.  Unlike a traditional deposition, a legal videographer captures both the testimony and the witness’s demeaner and body language.

The Benefits of Video Depositions Can Lead to Successful Outcomes
Regarding inconsistency. Video testimony can eliminate any questions regarding exactly what was said, which cuts down on the potential for any inconsistency to affect legal outcomes. This is especially helpful should the witness be unavailable at the moment of trial and when exact testimony is being reviewed and questioned. For jurors, watching video testimony is a far more effective way to “see” the case in context versus being read words.

Regarding manipulation. The potential for arguing that a witness did not understand a question or the testimony was misconstrued becomes more difficult to prove when a videotaped deposition can be played back. Plus, a video deposition can stop opposing counsel in their tracks should you suspect they are attempting to manipulate what was said during the deposition in an attempt to discredit a witness or for whatever reason.

Regarding staying on topic. Traditional depositions can feel much like a verbal conversation. It’s human nature that conversations can meander and go on tangents. When testimony is being captured by a legal videographer, it’s easier for parties to keep to the subject at hand.

The Power of Video Depositions
No interpretation. Compared to traditional deposition transcripts which are subject to others creating images in their minds, a video deposition leaves nothing to the imagination since the visual is provided. When shown a video, judges, juries and others are presented with the deposed’s emotion and demeaner, which provides a clearer understanding of the situation.

Video depositions give all parties the ability to “judge” body language, tone of voice and personality. An officer of the court repeating a statement taken during a traditional deposition pales in comparison to hearing the words straight from the witness’s mouth. Video depositions give attorneys the choice to use this powerful tool to make their case. An experienced legal videographer knows how and can get video from many angles that accurately portray a witness’ body language.

No wasted time. A sync-to-text videotaped deposition gives attorneys a more effective way to review testimony compared to searching through traditional depositions.

The Choice of Legal Videographer Matters
Though many court reporting firms provide video deposition services today, The Cooper Group was the first to bring tapeless cameras to the Kansas City area back in 2007 and among the first to provide video on USB jump drives. We’ve continued to bring in advanced technology as it becomes available and proven in the court reporting/video field.

Our videography services include: Zoom Conferencing, Picture In Picture, Video to Sync and Digital Video Quality. Our legal videographers have video production degrees, deliver files in your requested formats (including those for mobile viewing).

When you need the power and benefits of video depositions, call The Cooper Group every time for the experience, pricing and know-how you need to support your case.

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