State-of-the-Art Videography Performed by Masters of their Field

While just about every court reporting firm offers videography, no one does it with the passion, precision or professionalism of The Cooper Group. We were the first to introduce tapeless cameras to the greater Kansas City area in 2007. At the time, it was revolutionary. Recording up to 14 hours without stopping. No tape change interruptions with which to contend. And it significantly drove down processing and editing costs in the end.


The Cooper Group’s videography experts deliver any type of file and audio format you could ask for. Plus, we process your video for viewing on mobile devices at no extra charge. Giving you the file types you require isn’t considered an “extra.” As far we’re concerned, it’s just doing our job.

The Cooper Group videography services include:

Zoom Conferencing   |   Picture In Picture   |   Sync-to-Text   |   Digital Video Quality


It’s common for other videography services to take a couple of business days to turn around. That’s typically not the case with The Cooper Group. We think just because “normal” becomes accepted, it doesn’t mean that we can’t improve on it. More often than not, we’ll have your video and audio files ready in 24 hours or less. Our videography service goes above and beyond the norm with weekend and evening processing to make that happen.

Get the speed you demand without sacrificing quality. The quality of video that sets us apart is due to the quality of our videographers, whom hold degrees in video production. Up to date on the latest video and audio technology, punctuality and professionalism, exactly the same qualities as we’re known for with our court reporting services apply to The Cooper Group’s videography.


Flat rate pricing, which includes everything involved in handling your videography, is fair. Hidden fees like charging for disks, fuel surcharges and more aren’t. The Cooper Group considers areas like Topeka, Warrensburg and St. Joseph as part of the Kansas City radius and you’ll never be charged a premium for vicinity area travel.

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