When your court reporting agency doesn’t offer all the services you require, you’re left to either supplement gaps with another firm, which can get complicated, or fill in the gaps internally, which increases workload on your end. The bottom line is that without a court reporting agency that provides comprehensive services, you’re forced to work harder, not smarter.

No one understands what goes on behind the legal scenes—all the preparation, thousands of documents, time, and costs—like you do. So, why settle for a court reporting agency that doesn’t provide the services and support you need, however and whenever you need them?

There are Two Sides to “Service”

The Cooper Group built our reputation on exceptional customer service—prompt, accurate and professional. As court reporting technology evolves, we have partnered with Veritext in order to expand our service offerings, which reflects our customer service focus.

Today, with The Cooper Group being a Veritext company, we can provide services and support in the key areas that matter most:

  • Court reporting
  • Legal video technology
  • Exhibit solutions
  • Ongoing education
  • Locations coast to coast

Court Reporting

Your job is full of surprises, but you need to know what to expect from your court reporter every single time. The Cooper Group’s team of court reporters takes on cases of any size and time frame, including high-profile and multicopy cases.

Time is always of the essence, so you’ll never be left waiting for depositions. We understand urgency and we deliver promptly, typically quicker than other court reporting agencies. We take our work personally, knowing the gravity of what we do.

With The Cooper Group, there are no surprises. We’ll be there promptly, which means early. We’ll flawlessly handle reporting with the utmost accuracy. Expect nothing but professionalism and our willingness to go above and beyond, because that is what true professionals do.

Legal Video Technology

Litigation requires both local and out-of-town depositions. The pandemic means there are present risks to all parties’ health and safety to consider. Even post-pandemic, traveling for depositions may not return to the level it once was. Legal video technology was already being used pre-COVID, and now it is the norm.

Video conferencing or Zoom lets all parties participate via a secure, high-quality internet connection, which saves time and money, while allowing you to focus on other responsibilities instead of traveling.

The Cooper Group was an early adopter of legal video technology. Our reporters have mastered troubleshooting to avoid potential hiccups and delays before or during the deposition.

Exhibit Solutions

Sharing, organizing and retaining deposition exhibits was always logistically tricky. With parties in various locations, videoconferencing and electronic exhibits, it’s trickier than ever and requires an exacting level of organization.

The Cooper Group covers all the bases with repository services, accumulating and cataloguing. Between these, you can avoid confusion over which exhibits have been used with which witnesses and eliminate unnecessary duplication.

Another benefit of using The Cooper Group is that your exhibits have uniform numbers and are retained by us as an independent third party. Documents used in exhibits are stored in the cloud to assure consistency. Last but not least, preparing trial exhibits is easier because a single, comprehensive list and set is maintained.

Exhibit solutions include:

  • Exhibit capture: Display electronic exhibits and capture mouse movements and keystrokes in real time and create a video file of the screen manipulations.
  • Advanced case exhibits (ACE): Wrangle all your case exhibits in a single package.
  • Paperless exhibits – Exhibit Share: Manage electronic exhibits in real time.
  • Video exhibits: Produce powerful video exhibits in a turn-key way.

Ongoing Education

As a Veritext company, The Cooper Group’s attorney and paralegal clients can earn Continuing Legal Education (CLE) credits free of charge. We encourage you to take advantage of complimentary registration for relevant webinar courses that are designed to help you work smarter, faster and more efficiently.

You can learn more about upcoming courses and register on the Veritext website.

CLE webinars are one way to gain knowledge, but your court reporting firm should also be a source of objective, helpful advice that can result in efficiencies and cost savings. Our court reporters ask questions and help solve your challenges.

Take the schedule for example. We ask for the length and type (real-time vs. non-real-time, dirty ASCII, etc.) of deposition to determine who is the best professional for the job. Court reporters have different levels of skills and not all reporters have the same capabilities – so the more information you can provide, the better you’re served. It is helpful for the notice to be provided when scheduling a deposition. Also, having correct email addresses for everyone involved is important, so you receive the finished product as seamlessly as possible.

Locations Coast to Coast (and Local)

When a litigation team must depose a witness in or out of town, it’s often your responsibility to locate and book a qualified court reporter, a videographer and a facility. These can be difficult, expensive and time-consuming tasks without local connections and familiarity with the area.

Instead, let our team handle it for you. We have national reach, reliable access to the best court reporters everywhere, videographers and conference rooms wherever you need. Plus, our connections may result in the COD payment waiver.

While technology has ushered in an era where attorneys can easily practice law without the need for a formal conference room or even an office per se, there are situations that call for a conference area. That’s why we have a spacious and comfortable main office on The Plaza, along with other locations throughout the Kansas City metro.

Beyond court reporting services, The Cooper Group’s job is to make our clients’ lives easier. We do that by offering comprehensive services in one place. Schedule a deposition with us today and see what a difference it makes.

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